Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Irish Newspaper Archive Discount

From now until until Wednesday 30 August you can access the Irish Newspaper Archives saving 10% for one-day access, 25% off for a month up to 40% reduction for the annual subscription. The contents, organized by county, are:
Belfast Newsletter09/01/1738 - CurrentNational (NI)
Freeman's Journal03/01/1763 - 19/12/1924National
Irish Examiner30/08/1841 - 1999National
Irish Farmer's Journal16/03/1957 - 26/12/1998National
Irish Independent02/01/1905 - CurrentNational
Irish Press05/09/1931 - 25/05/1995National
Sunday Independent07/01/1906 - CurrentNational
Nationalist & Leinster Times22/09/1883 - currentCarlow, Laois & Kildare
Anglo-Celt06/02/1846 - CurrentCavan
Skiberreen Eagle02/01/1882 - 08/07/1922Cork
Southern Star13/02/1892 - CurrentCork
Derry Journal02/01/1844 - 31/12/1924Derry
Donegal Democrat06/06/1919 - CurrentDonegal
Donegal News14/03/1903 - CurrentDonegal
Dublin Evening Post21/01/1796 - 31/12/1798Dublin
Evening Herald19/12/1891 - currentDublin
Nation - The15/10/1842 - 05/06/1897Dublin
Volunteer's Journal or Irish Herald13/10/1783 - 30/04/1787Dublin
Fermanagh Herald14/03/1903 - currentFermanagh
Connacht Sentinel02/08/1927 - CurrentGalway
Connacht Tribune22/05/1909 - CurrentGalway
Galway City Tribune07/09/1984 - CurrentGalway
Tuam Herald13/05/1837 - CurrentGalway
Chutes Western Herald02/01/1828 - 04/05/1835Kerry
Kerryman20/08/1904 - CurrentKerry
Kerry Advocate25/07/1914 - 06/05/1916Kerry
Kerry Champion13/10/1928 - 29/03/1958Kerry
Kerry Evening Post24/05/1813 - 29/09/1917Kerry
Kerry Evening Star29/09/1902 - 12/03/1914Kerry
Kerry Examiner01/01/1841 - 11/03/1856Kerry
Kerry Independent28/10/1880 - 10/01/1884Kerry
Kerry News23/01/1894 - 16/06/1941Kerry
Kerry People27/09/1902 - 31/03/1928Kerry
Kerry Press28/07/1914 - 11/05/1916Kerry
Kerry Reporter10/05/1924 - 28/12/1935Kerry
Kerry Sentinel26/04/1878 - 23/12/1916Kerry
Kerry Star15/05/1861 - 27/03/1863Kerry
Kerry Weekly Reporter03/02/1883 - 14/08/1920Kerry
Killarney Echo & South Kerry Chronicle26/08/1899 - 14/08/1920Kerry
Liberator21/07/1914 - 02/09/1939Kerry
Raymonds Kerry Herald12/01/1856 - 16/02/1856Kerry
Tralee Mercury14/02/1829 - 20/07/1839Kerry
Kildare Nationalist05/01/2016 - currentKildare
Finn's Leinster Journal01/04/1792 - 31/12/1828Kilkenny
Kilkenny People26/10/1895 - currentKilkenny
Laois Nationalist23/08/2016 - currentLaois
Leinster Express24/09/1831 - CurrentLaois
Leitrim Observer02/01/1904 -CurrentLeitrim
Limerick Leader02/01/1905 - CurrentLimerick
Longford Leader14/08/1897 - CurrentLongford
Drogheda Argus and Leinster Journal19/09/1835 - 25/12/1909Louth
Drogheda Conservative30/03/1864 - 29/12/1906Louth
Drogheda Reporter02/05/1863 - 01/08/1863Louth
Dundalk Democrat20/10/1849 - CurrentLouth
Ballinrobe Chronicle03/02/1866 - 10/09/1903Mayo
Ballina Herald06/08/1927 - 28/04/1962Mayo
Connaught Telegraph22/09/1830 - CurrentMayo
Mayo Examiner06/07/1868 - 30/12/1876Mayo
Mayo News07/01/1893 - 29/12/2004Mayo
Western Journal03/06/1977 - 11/03/1983Mayo
Western People04/05/1889 - CurrentMayo
Meath Chronicle01/05/1897 - CurrentMeath
Butte Independent22/01/1910 - 27/12/1930Montana (US)
Sligo Champion18/10/1879 - currentSligo
Nenagh Guardian21/07/1838 - CurrentTipperary
Nenagh News05/01/1895 - 28/12/1924Tipperary
Gaelic Life14/01/2011 - CurrentTyrone
Strabane Chronicle03/10/1908 - CurrentTyrone
Tyrone Herald07/02/2011 - CurrentTyrone
Ulster Herald15/08/1901 - CurrentTyrone
Munster Express07/07/1860 - CurrentWaterford
Westmeath Examiner28/09/1882 - CurrentWestmeath
Wexford People12/09/1857- 29/12/1888Wexford
Wicklow Newsletter06/01/1900 - 24/12/1926Wicklow

Subscribe and find the discount codes at www.irishnewsarchive.com/

via a post on Claire Santry's Irish Genealogy News.

UK History Hot 100

Every year BBC History polls its readers on their choice of "the historical figures who fascinated you most in 2017." All have to have been dead for 30 years. The table shows the top ten for this and last year which have just been published.

1Richard IIIRichard III
2Eleanor of AquitaineElizabeth I
3Alfred the GreatWilliam Shakespeare
4Elizabeth IAnne Boleyn
5Anne BoleynHenry VIII
6Winston ChurchillWinston Churchill
7Adolf HitlerEleanor of Aquitaine
8Queen VictoriaThomas Cromwell
9William ShakespeareWilliam Marshal
10Henry VIIIAdolf Hitler

Perhaps you find some of the results puzzling, I do. Perhaps they wouldn't if we watched British TV. See the complete list, along with expert commentary here.

I was pleased to see people from the STEM community on the long list including  Isaac Newton (40), Charles Darwin(58), Alan Turing (63), Albert Einstein (65), Marie Curie (86), Nikola Tesla (94),  Isambard Kingdom Brunel (100).

History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy

Out of the blue I received an email from Diane Miller who is involved at a genealogy summer camp in Colorado Springs this month helping "some savvy teens" create their own family trees. Diane wrote to thank me for my "non-spammy site", and also to pass along a resource found by "one of the our superstars, Mia". It's one I hadn't run across before:

History at home genealogy guide-

It's worth a look.

Thanks to Diane, and Mia for making contact.

Monday, 21 August 2017

The 1st photographs of a total solar eclipse

From The History Blog, 7 photos of an 1854 eclipse. See the others at www.thehistoryblog.com/archives/48478/.
See my earlier post Did Your Ancestor Experience a Total Solar Eclipse?

OGS Families and NewsLeaf

The August 2017 issue of Families, which combines the newsletter NewsLeaf, is now online and available to members. As members will recall distribution of printed copies has been discontinued.
Stepping in as Guest Editor for this slim Families issue is Alan Campbell. To see if there's anything of interest for your family history check the table of contents.
The included NewLeaf issue, largely about the 2017 Conference last June in Ottawa, has lots of pictures.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Flying mathematicians of World War I

Commemorations of the centennials of First World War battles and those who participated should not marginalize civilians, men and women, who contributed to the war effort in other ways.
The heartbreaking story of the flying mathematicians of World War I is a longer piece by Tony Royle throwing light on their contributions, including those who died while doing practical research on aeronautics.

Findmypast adds Ireland Calendars Of Wills & Administrations 1858-1920

The 1,070,211 entries in the index of this new to Findmypast probate collection cover the whole of Ireland, except from 1918 when it's just the 26 counties in the Republic. Searching for a name will deliver hits for the deceased and for beneficiaries.
The printed calendar or index card originals are at the National Archives of Ireland and can be accessed at www.willcalendars.nationalarchives.ie/search/cwa/index.jsp

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Findmypast adds Buckinghamshire Parish Register Transcripts

Transcriptions of baptism, banns, burial and marriage records for over 210 Buckinghamshire parishes have been added to Findmypast from The Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies.
Approximate contents are:

RecordsStart YearEnd Year

Presentation: Designing the West Carleton War Memorial

Pinhey’s Point  Foundation presents:

Designing the West Carleton War Memorial
Monday, August 21, 2017 at  7 pm

"A shadow falls across the names of the fallen, a Morse Code message calls us to remember."
Pinhey's Point Foundation's guest speaker is Malcolm Wildeboer, a partner with Vandenberg & Wildeboer Architects in South March. He brings to light layers of thought and design behind the making of this new community memorial in Carp.  The March Township honour rolls from the two World Wars will also be on view.

Admission free. Enjoy PPF exhibits and visit the house.
Light refreshments to follow

Pinhey’s Point Historic site
270 Pinhey’s Point Road
Dunrobin, Ontario


Friday, 18 August 2017

I won't tell you again . . .

. . because, whether procrastinator, or believer in doing things "just in time", today is your last chance to take advantage of the early bird registration rate for the BIFHSGO conference.
Register from www.bifhsgo.ca. Members remember to login first to get the additional member discount.

Definitely not Metric Measurement Quiz: Answers

1. An area of land of a chain by a furlong is known as ...
an acre.

2. How many farthings in a groat?
16 farthings. Four farthings in a penny, four pennies in a groat. https://24carat.co.uk/farthingstoryframe.html

3. If there are 25 sheets of paper in a quire, how many are there in a ream?
500 sheets, 20 quires in a ream.

4. What was the traditional use of a silver sixpence?
A silver sixpence was kept year to year to put in the Christmas pudding. The lucky person to get it in their serving, if they didn't swallow it, got to exchange it for a regular sixpence.

5. In nautical terminology, how many watches in 24 hours?
7 watches.
First afternoon Watch: 12 noon to 4 pm.
First Dog Watch: 4 pm to 6 pm.
Second Dog Watch: 6 pm to 8 pm.
First Night Watch: 8pm to midnight.
Middle Night Watch: Midnight to 4 pm.
Morning Watch: 4 am to 8 am.
Forenoon Watch: 8 am to noon.

6. What was traditionally measured by the cran?

7. In measuring British ale or beer how many gallons in a firkin?
9 gallons in a furkin. 4 furkins in a barrel.

8. At a speed of one knot how long would it take to travel directly from the equator to the pole?
540  - correction 5,400 hours. A knot is one nautical mile per hour. A nautical mile is one minute of latitude. 60 minutes in a degree, 90 degrees between equator and pole.

9. One horsepower, the power required to lift 33,000 pounds by one foot in one minute, equals how many watts?
Approximately 746 watts

10. How many guineas are required to make an even number of pounds?
20, or 40 if you're fussy. A guinea is 21 shillings, a pound is 20 shillings. 20 guineas is 21 pounds which isn't an even number. 40 guineas is 42 pounds.

That's My Baby

At Library and Archives Canada, the Ottawa International Writers Festival, and Harper Collins will be celebrating the launch of That’s My Baby, the latest novel and third book in the trilogy based in Deseronto, Belleville and Prince Edward County by international bestselling author Frances Itani.
"At the end of Frances Itani’s Scotiabank Giller Prize—shortlisted Tell, a baby is adopted by a young Deseronto couple who are coming to terms with the end of the Great War. Eighteen years on, the baby, Hanora, now a young woman, is told about her adoption, but given no details. As a second world war looms, Hanora is determined to uncover the mysteries of her identity. This quest will take her across the ocean with her cousin, Billie, and headlong into the tumult of Europe. Amid the tensions of World War II, the music and the great dance halls of the era beckon, and a career as a journalist becomes possible, even as her great love, Tobe, enlists in the Infantry. But Hanora will not let the past lie, even though, decades later, the truth remains beyond her grasp. Billie, whose memory is fading as she slips into dementia, provides elusive clues, but it isn’t until Hanora discovers a set of diaries written by a late local artist and that she begins to piece together the central issue of her own identity, hidden from her since birth.
Itani’s vivid storytelling, infused with music and seamless historical detail, reveals how memory, no matter how imperfect, can shape the person we believe ourselves to be."
The event is on Thursday, September 14, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. in the Pellan Room, 2nd Floor, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa.

Attendance is free,  registration required. See the LAC notice at www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/about-us/events/Pages/2017/18-579-book-launch.aspx/.